This shows the illustration and animation sketch work for the website. I created a bunch of different sketches to see what the client responded too. This is why starting with creating an effective logo is so important. Once a solid brand is created, it’s MUCH easier and faster to create designs and illustrations that stem from that and create a cohesive look.


This type of job is a bit of a different beast then other creative jobs. It’s A LOT more involved. And it should be! Your logo will set the tone for your ENTIRE company/brand. Logos need to be timeless so that they will connect and speak visually for your business for many years to come. Below is a brief description and phase of the process.

We first start out with a brief where a I carefully listen to the client talk about their business in great detail. How the business got started, where it is currently, where they want to take it. What makes them passionate about what they do, etc. Once I have a grasp of the clients business story, a questionaire is given to better understand where they want the business to go, what they want their business to convey and truly express, etc., Not only does it help the creative process, but it often even helps my clients better understand how we want to move forward together!

This phase involves the client and myself pulling together imagery, fonts, colors and textures, etc. at they respond to. Once the mood boards are created, we weed out together what is working and what isn’t.

PHASE 3: Roughs/thumbnails of the logos are created. I select which ones I think are the most promising and proceed to refining them on the computer. This is done without the use of color, as color can often be used as a crutch. And a strong logo needs to read just as good in black and white as it does in color. It shouldn’t be dependent on it. Once the visual are refined on the computer, I start exploring with type and to create different logo lockups following our mood boards as influencers. I then create a presentation for the client with a brief description for each logo concept to explain how each of them will communicate to their audience.

PHASE 4: Once the client has selected 1-2 logo designs to move forward with, we proceed by introducing color! In this phase we often can explore with different fonts as well.

PHASE 5: The final logo is chosen! It is then tweaked and cleaned up and perfected ready to hand off to the client in various file formats for their use.