I’m an introvert to the core who is happiest creating stuff and being in my studio.

For 13 years I worked as a designer AND illustrator, and wearing a lot of hats in those fields. Balancing the two, I often felt I couldn’t put enough focus into my real passion of wanting to be an illustrator and fine artist. My heart was always pulling me more and more into the wonderful and diverse world of being an illustrator. So in 2019, I made the decision to turn away from most design work and focus mainly on my true loves.

I illustrate in both digital rendering as well as watercolor. I particularly enjoy working with more darker color schemes and focusing on nostalgic themes and incorporating fun textures into my work.

I have and continue to work in many fields of illustration including: pattern/surface design, text book illustration, character design, product illustration, logos, poster, conceptual, etc., I am also working toward getting into the children’s book industry!


When I’m not making art, you’ll find me watching artist documentaries and old movies, working on our 100+ year old house that will probably never, ever be done (no, really, it won’t—so. much. wallpaper), getting lost in a good book, going for walks with my fur baby, seeking out new gardens to explore, listening to old records.

Seeker of:
Quiet places, books and reading nooks, travel, antiques, unique bric-a-brac. I love old things. They have a lot of stories to tell. Camp fires and deep discussions. Organic living and preserving our environment. Sit me by the ocean and I’ll be entertained and content for hours, I won’t want to leave. Stories about great adventures, knights, classic fairy tales, spooky things and murder mysteries. Also a total coffee snob. Nerd crazy for ’80s movies.

Smart phones, talking on the phone, leaf blowers, over done CGI films, cigarettes, hot weather, crowds, overly sunny days, noisy people and places, traffic.

features, awards and published stuff:

• 3x3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, published in the No. 15 issue, 2018: Illustration/Design fashion patterns

• Keys for the City | Lancaster, PA. Piano mural for Allegro

• Featured artist and illustrator for FFL (Fine Living Lancaster Magazine)

• Top 10 Finalist | 2013 Stationery Trends Magazine Awards | Shown at the National Stationery Show in NYC

• Terry Boyle Illustration Award 2005

• Member of Women Who Draw

• Member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators | Eastern, PA Chapter

Résumé upon request.