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The hare looked up into the willow tree and was frightened to see the owl watching him. The owl pointed in the direction he was supposed to go. The hare wondered, how does the owl know who he needs to see? Perhaps his secret was not so secret after all?


The hare felt as if all eyes were watching him as he trekked through the woodlands, meadows and marshes.



At last he arrived at the secret meeting place, Crow’s Hollow. It is known by many names in these lands, and in all his years the hare has never dared to go near it. It is a place to seek council in times of great need. It has a common bond and agreement amongst all wild creatures—that no living thing may be harmed while seeking council here. The crows formed this alliance long ago, when the lands were being threatened and the forest cut down. It was created to maintain order and to protect these lands. It is the calling—to join together in times of need in order to be made stronger for generations to come.
The crows are the seers.
The hare knew that this was his best option. They would know what to do. 



The hare could hear the chattering and clamoring of the crows as he approached. All thoughts of turning back were behind him as he entered.
“You need not state your business,” the elder crow said. “We already know why you’ve come.”
Squawks and mutters echoed through the old oak as the hare began to speak.
“I don't know what to do. Should I risk my life? What if it’s a traitor to the alliance? Or waits to kill me after? Can you protect me?”
The elder crow replied, “we will do what we can, but you must go now. The fox is near and he knows!”


The fox dashed past the hollow, moving swiftly through the darkness.


With only the beacon of his lantern to see through the night, the hare hurried home. He felt an ominous presence closing in when suddenly–
Something rushed past him as fast as the wind. His lantern was extinguished as he stood frozen still with only a sliver of moonlight to cut through the shadows of night.
“What was that?” He said aloud in a quivering voice. He knew he had to hurry or he’d be too late.



The hare raced frantically through the meadow, his heart pounding. As he came to the edge, he found himself face to face with the fox!
“So it was you!” snarled the fox. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn't eat you right now”.
The hare realized his secret was out, there was no more hiding, no more running away.
The fox continued to speak, “I’ve already lost my family, how dare you take one of my own”.
The hare desperately gathered his courage and did his best to explain...
“There was an accident at the road. After the cub lost it’s mother and sibling, she was so scared—she wondered into my home. I had to take her in. I wanted to return her, but I couldn't muster up the courage to take her to you, or even try to find you. I feared I would be eaten. So I sought the council instead.”
The fox growled in response and began to pace around him as the hare spoke once more.
“So if you will spare my life, I will take you to your little one”.
The fox eyed him suspiciously.
“Very well. You have my word”, he grumbled and followed the hare through the night.



The fox and hare arrived at the hare's dwelling, but there was no one in sight! The hare ran to the tree trunk to see if they were hiding.
He breathed a sigh of relief when he peered into the hollow of the tree trunk. There he saw a tiny, very sleepy eyed baby fox curled up next to one of his own. The fox gently lifted its head and slowly opened her eyes.
The elder fox turned to the hare thanked him for his compassion. The two foxes then wandered off into the night. And to this day, the baby fox and baby hare are still good friends.

The End